We have an ExO Economy Treasury that has a budget of EXOS to grant to amazing projects that are Driving Engagement within the ExO Community, Economy and transforming the world for a better future. Please join the #grant-accountability-group on Discord in order to discuss with fellow grantees. Once you receive grant funding these are the requirements to follow:

Open and Transparent Reporting

EXOS that are granted will be issued by the Treasury in tranches so for example if you have been awarded a grant of 50 000 EXOS for a project that will last one year, the first tranche will be enough for the first 3 months. In order to ensure that the EXOS that are granted to projects are used in accordance with the OpenExO Community Guidelines we require that grantees complete the following:

  • Keep an up-to-date public EXOS Flow sheet of the EXOS in and out for your project. This is to ensure that the EXOS are used and not HODL'ed (EXOS need to be used within 3 months of receiving the tranche). This template will be provided by the Treasury

  • Create a once-quarterly post in the community circle outlining the progress of the project, this should include how the EXOS have been spent and what the status is for the project in relation to the objectives stated in the proposal. A link to this update must also be shared in the #community-engagement channel on Discord. Below is an example:

The folder for transparency can be viewed here.

Please note that EXOS will be issued in tranches decided on a case by case basis and it is up to the grantee to request tranches on time as fulfilling of a new tranche can take up to 72 hours excluding weekends. Requests to be sent via the discord channel #exos-grant-support or via email with the EXOS Treasury member that initiated your grant.

Should grantees not comply with these simple requirements for more than 3 months then we will call a special meeting to determine how to resolve this.

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