The OpenExO Community continues to grow across the world and as a way for us to drive this growth we believe that building targeted communities, within the global community, is a must. These communities can either be regional, local communities, or topic-specific communities. We also encourage community members to build ExOs

In 2021 we want to further leverage the ExO Economy as we drive ExO Adoption and community growth. The ExO Economy is our community blockchain-based economy for the transformation of the world for a better future! If you want to find out more about the Economy head over to

PLEASE NOTE: In order to apply you need to be a member of the OpenExO Community

Apply Now

Within the Economy, we have a community budget in order to provide EXOS to projects that are advancing our MTP and driving use of the EXOS token. In order to leverage these EXOS, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Indicate your interest by Completing the simple interest form.

  2. You will be given access to Swae which is a decision-making tool in order to submit your proposal.

  3. Once your proposal has been submitted you will be invited to present this at the ExO Economy weekly meeting.

  4. The proposal will then be assessed and should it reach the requirements it will be approved and you will receive your EXOS to engage the Community.

As a part of this process, you will learn about the ExO Economy, Blockchain, and our Digital Assets Distribution Application (DADA). You will need to download the EXOS wallet too.

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