The ExO Ambassador Code of Practice outlines standards of practice that we all agree to uphold. It is the duty of all ambassadors to ensure that we are upholding the guidelines outlined. In the case that an ambassador is not living up to the code then this needs to be raised and the ambassador in question needs to be able to give an account and corrective action needs to be taken.

In order to ensure scalability we need to rely on self- and peer-reporting. If a fellow ambassador encounters another ambassador not living up to the code they should report the incident with evidence using this form.

Once a form is received the first step will be to let the Ambassador in question know that a report has been sent about their failure to uphold the Code of Practice. This will be discussed with the Ambassador and should a satisfactory resolution not be possible, then the procedure below will come into effect.

The Ambassador group will be notified that an incident has been reported and that a 5-person Volunteer committee needs to be formed. The Ambassador in question will be asked to respond in the form of a 5-minute (maximum) video. The committee members will then be sent the report and the response from the Ambassador in question and they will make a decision on what the outcome should be. This will be shared with the Ambassador on a call.

The committee will disband. Every incident, of which we believe there will be few, will require the formation of a new committee.


  1. An ExO Ambassador is running a workshop and explains the Social Attribute as having the need to have a good social media presence. This is not the correct understanding of the ExO Model. In the initial call with the ambassador, they realise the error and change their presentation. This would not require the creation of a committee.

  2. An ExO Ambassador starts running a business that is using the ExO Attributes in a manipulative manner. At the initial call the ambassador states that they are doing nothing illegal and do not accept that this goes outside the boundaries of the code of practice. This would require the formation of a committee and further action.

Formation of the Committee

The committee is a voluntary role. The request will be announced on the Ambassador Group and parties that volunteer are to send a message to the designated OpenExO Team member stating that they are happy to form the committee for the incident. Ambassadors have 24 hours to send interest in this and they will be informed that they are part of the committee at the end of the 24 hour period.

Duties of the Committee

The committee will be required to read the report of the incident and the video response from the Ambassador in question and through an online meeting deliberate on what the outcome will be. This will be shared with the designated OpenExO Team member to share with the Ambassador in question.

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