To process your payment rapidly we will need an invoice from you as an individual or from your company if you act on behalf of one. Please follow the detailed instructions below to avoid delays on payment or possible changes:

1. Where should you send your invoice?

Invoices should be sent via email to including the following required information:

OpenExO Information:

OpenExO Inc.

3500 S DuPont Highway Suite YY 102

Dover DE 19901

United States

Your billing information:

  • Telephone number

  • Email address.

  • Address (Including City and Postal code; Country and State)

  • Company name and/or your full name.

2. Legal Currency

You can send your invoice on the legal currency of your country, but

please apply the rate of the FED.

3. Documents to be attached

Please, add the tax form corresponding to your specific case, the instructions are on the form. (No US Tax resident for individuals) (No US Tax resident for entities) (US Tax resident)

4. Information related to the project

Please, in the concept add:

  • The ID of the call

  • The project where it belongs to (Certificates, ExO World...)

5. How to get your EXOS

Please, invoice the EXOS in a separate invoice. This invoice should include the exchange rate you’d like to apply, for example: 1$ = 1EXO. Please, bear in mind that once the EXOS are in a public exchange platform, you will have to apply the rate of the public exchange. The phrase: ‘’ I accept EXOS as payment’’ should be included in the invoice.

Receipt or use of cryptographic tokens may generate tax or record-keeping obligations, which differ by country and region. OpenExO does not provide individual tax advice, so please consult with a local tax advisor to answer questions as appropriate relative to individual circumstances.

In order to collect your EXOS, we will deposit them here and will send you an email to notify you when you can collect them and where. Please, remember to enter with the same email address that you added to your invoice.

6. Payment terms

Our payment terms are as follows:

  • Payment terms are Net 30 days, shared charges.

  • The date of the invoice shall not be older than 5 days from the day it sent.

Invoices older than 3 months from the service delivery will not be accepted. Please, send your invoice at the end of each service.

7. Payment methods

Please, be aware that we only use Veem or TransferWise as a payment platforms, therefore you may be required to provide some information as your phone number, or set up an account with them to receive the payment.

If after reading this document, you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: We will be happy to help!

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