Circles is a place for you to have discussions with fellow community members. There are a number of ways that you can contribute in a circle. 

Creating a new post

You can easily create a new post in a circle. This will notify all people in the circle that have notification settings turned on. In order to create a new post you simply click on the New Post button

This will open up a new post form and you can add a title, body, categories as well as attach a file to the post. In the body of the post there are a number of formatting tools that allow you to customise your post as seen in the image below. 

You can also add images (.png, .jpg, .gif) to a post. The platform uses filestack to run this and therefore you can upload images from a number of sources.

If you want to add a link to an image you can do this by highlighting the image and then clicking the link button.

You can mention a member of a circle simply by using the @ and their name in order to for them to be notified that they have been mentioned. You can type their name as it is in their profile with no spaces and you will find them.

Liking and making comments

For posts that are created by others you can make comments on the post as well as click the heart to show that you like the post. You can also like a comment made by someone and in fact this tool can be used as a simple polling tool.

All of the formatting tools and ability to post pictures is available in the comments section of a post too.

Editing and deleting a post or comment

You can also edit and delete posts and comments by clicking on the three dots next to your name on the post or comment

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