This is a basic guide to hosting official meetups with the ExO Community & OpenExO. We ask that you join the ExO Meetup Organisers Circle on the platform and that you post about your meetup to get support. You can also find more information and resources in this shared folder.

As the community grows we strengthen our network and the ability to reach our MTP. We are instituting meetups in order to grow the community and provide a space for community members to learn and share with one another around the ExO Framework and how they are building ExO’s. 

ExO Meetups are a place for learning, a place for sharing and a place for making a difference. It is for this reason that we recommend that each meetup held has a chance for active participation by the attendees. We recommend two structures with different levels of participation as follows:


  • Arrival of Participants 

  • Pre Event Networking - In order to give people time to arrive there will be 15min of Pre Event Networking

  • Inspiration - The Meetup starts with a 25min inspiration talk about ExO in action. This can be by a local ExO member or someone from the global community.

  • Open the Discussion with attendees and the presenter for 30min

  • Post Event Networking

Learn by Doing

  • Arrival of Participants - Each person is given a number to indicate the Team that they will be on

  • Pre Event Networking - In order to give people time to arrive there will be 15min of Pre Event Networking

  • Inspiration - The Meetup starts with a 15min inspiration talk about ExO in action. This can be by a local ExO member or someone from the global community

  • Briefing of the Action - A 5-10min briefing of the team actions to take place are shared

  • Teamwork - In the assigned groups work on the task. This has to be quick as you only have 30min

  • Feedback - Each Team has 3min to present what their team came up with

  • Group Discussion - In the group all attendees discuss how what was presented can be taken to the next level

  • Post Event Networking

ExO Meetups offer the community and potential community members the chance to actively engage with one another and the ExO framework and Sprint Methodology.

ExO Meetup FAQ: Best Practices for Hosting Meetups

These are guidelines and we encourage out the box thinking and active participation as we grow these around the world.

Who Hosts?

At least 1 OpenExO Community member in an area

Ideally teams of 3-5 can help create a local meetup chapter and choose where to host it

Best organizing teams are small (3-7 locals) who are well-versed in ExO tools, resources, sprints and opportunities and have some connection to the local community in their area.

When to Host a Meetup?

We recommend that meetups are hosted on a regular basis at least once a quarter. If the Meetups are regular it gives community members something to look forward to.

How long is the Meetup?

The meetup should continue for around 2 hours

Should I manage RSVP’s?

We do recommend that you get people to RSVP for the event so that you can have an understanding of who will attend. You can use a number of different tools to do this such as or an event system

Should I charge for the event?

We recommend that you do what makes sense in your region. If the concept is very new and you need to let people come for free then we suggest this. Paying tickets can help with snacks and the venue. We recommend that you use your initiative.

How should I market the event?

We recommend creating your event on a ticketing system that works for your country and then sharing that with the community. OpenExO will also share the meetup with the local members in order to help you drive events. It is important that you show the value of the event in the event posting so that people understand why they should attend.

Venue Needs:

  • A place for at least 12-20 people to sit comfortably and to be able to work together in groups.

  • AV support for presentations

  • Parking and/or public transportation information made available ahead of time.

Best venues: 

  • Coworking Space, Office Common Space, Gallery, Outdoors if the weather is good

  • We recommend that the venue is sponsored and this is recognised.

Should there be snacks and drinks?

  • Having snacks and drinks can improve attendance of a meetup. 

  • We suggest that you do what makes the most sense for your local context

OpenExO Provides:

  • Further guidance with organizing

  • Branded materials for you to be able to use at Meetup Events

  • Basic graphics, a checklist at the end of this guide and the information in this guide to help streamline your planning and communications strategy

  • Communications to members and the database in your area

  • Topics on what to run as exercises


Who to Invite: Your favorite local leaders, LinkedIn, emails and newsletters to other professional groups in your area, 

How?  Recommend using Social Media + Hashtags below, your social groups on LinkedIn and other sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other sites are fine with consistent use of the OpenExO logo as described below.

Where to post and promote?

  • - This article shows you how

  •, Facebook events if you prefer to use that site

  • Eventbrite or similar ticketing, if you need an RSVP list or donation/sponsorship button

  • Your local groups, email lists, coworking spaces and business centers

  • Your own LinkedIn, Blog & Social profiles + regular posts (tag @OpenExO #ExOMeetup)

Social Media


ExO + Meetup +City







Host or Speaker to share their Twitter handles. 



Host or Speaker to share their Insta handles. 



Host or Speaker to share their LinkedIn handles. 


Here are links to a Canva template that can be edited: Meetup Header, Eventbrite Header, Facebook Event Header, A4 Poster, Instagram Post, Social Post , Instagram Story


  • Create a plan to drive ExO’s in your city

  • Create an MTP for a Specific business / local government department

  • Build an ExO Canvas for a specific problem area in your local area

  • Imagine what the state of Water is going to be for you City in 30 Years, create an ExO Canvas for an initiative related to this.


  • Leaders in different Exponential Technology fields to talk about new developments

  • Leaders of ExO’s to tell stories of how they have implemented the ExO Attributes

  • Consultants to explain how they have worked with companies to drive change.


Links to Canva are above and Stickers can be produced using this template


Event Title: ExOMeetupCity




Event Description: ExO Meetups are a place for learning, a place for sharing and a place for making a difference. These are gatherings of the ExO Community for us to meet locally as we transform the world for a better future. At this month's meetup we have xyz from xzy company who will be speaking about xyz. This will be followed by a hands-on session where we will xyz. Prepare to come and meet like minded people and take action to create a better future. 

Meetup Team Description: Explain who you are 

RSVP: Give RSVP Details

Event Image: We highly recommend that you use a tool such as Canva to create images for your event, see links above. You can use the OpenExO Brand folder for guidance

London #ExOMeetup Special Guest Speaker:

Add bio to your event page (feel free to post your events locally using your event platforms)


Join our #ExOMeetupCity where we will discuss xyz. This Thursday 7pm

Want to Transform the World for a Better Future? Join us on Insert Date here for #ExOMeetupCity.


We highly recommend sharing your Meetup on LinkedIn and other social media. Use @OpenExO in order for us to be able to share.

We will send out communications to all on our database in your city to share.


You can stream your meetup using your own accounts and you can also share stories on Instagram. Once again if you @OpenExO then we can reshare.


Date Finalised

Venue booked

Event created Online

Marketing of Event

Snacks/drinks arranged (Optional)

RSVP’s reminded on the day of the event (email, Social media, etc.)

Pickup of any requirements for the event

Venue set out 

AV tested to ensure working

Local team to arrive 30min early to be ready to welcome people 

Check people in and give them a number if required

Facilitate networking if required

Remember to take pictures

Encourage sharing on Social Media using @OpenExO and hashtags

Have a post-event debrief and improve for next time, share with others

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