Creating event listings on the OpenExO website is very simple, below are the steps to complete this. Please note that once the event is complete your activity will be displayed on your profile

Step 1: Go to the Events page on the OpenExO Platform

Click on your profile picture and choose My Events

Step 2: Click on the +Event Button

Step 3: Complete all the details for the event on the form

You will notice that on the right hand side that a preview of what your event listing will look like is shown. Complete all the details. 

Step 4: Click the Create button

Once you click on Create it will ask you if you want to send the event for review. We will be reviewing all events to ensure that they are ExO related

Step 5: Your event is reviewed and published

Once the event is published you will receive an email and will be able to view your event on the OpenExO Website.

Please see this quick video which takes you through the process of adding an event to the website!

Should you wish to delete your event you can do so from the My Events page. Please note that should you do this the event cannot be recovered.

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