Guidelines to create a Marketplace opportunity in order to get a good Advisor for your Advisory call:

  • Open the marketplace opportunity at least 3 days in advance of the call. Ideally, you should allow 7 days

  • Ensure there is sufficient information in the opportunity description - describe briefly the organisation, provide context for the topic of the call and why it is requested and outline briefly what advisor you are looking for

  • Use the screening questions to further focus on the kind of candidate you need

  • Follow up with candidates via the chat functionality for additional screening if needed. You can request additional information, verify parts of their application or request a short video in which they explain their approach for the call

  • Once selected, please ensure the advisor knows the time and date of the call and that you have a brief (15min) preparation call in advance to agree the approach. Calls with proper preparation are many times more valuable for everyone

  • Ensure you provide feedback after the call has happened via the automated survey functionality

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