Guidelines to be a great Advisor in an Advisory Call:

  • Please be honest in your application. If an opportunity requires a specific experience which you do not have, we encourage you to reach out to the Requester and ask whether they are interested in your profile rather than apply.

  • Ensure you’re available at the date and time of the call if specified in the opportunity posting. Often meetings are set with the clients and it is a bad practice to try to move them afterwards to suit your schedule.

  • Once selected, please coordinate with the Requester the date/time and virtual location of the call.

  • Make sure to speak with the Requester in advance of the call to discuss your planned approach and ask additional questions as needed. This is a crucial part of a successful call.

  • Customise your presentation in a maximum way to add value to the client as per the opportunity description. We discourage generic presentations unless specifically agreed with the Requester.

  • It is a good practice to prepare a few slides that can be sent to the client afterwards although it is not required. Please agree this with the requester.

  • Ensure you provide feedback after the call has happened via the automated survey functionality.

  • While you may introduce yourself on the call and give your contact details for follow-up, we do not permit active promotion of your business, your services or any obvious sales activity on the call. The primary purpose is to add value to the client and visibly using the call as a sales channel can negatively impact the deliverable, the Requestor’s relationship with the client and the credibility of the OpenExO brand overall.

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