When someone creates an opportunity in the Marketplace, the form asks her for the project type. The platform provides a list and the user should selects from it. By selecting a type of project, the platform will automatically filter the available roles. 

Don't worry iIf you don't know what to choose. Below you have an explanation of each type of project, and a link to the available roles. If after having a look at it you still don't know what to choose, you always can select the option "Other". 

The available project types are:

  • ExO Sprint: 10-week structured process to help an organizations adapt its current core business as well as envision disruptive initiatives on the edge. Only Certified ExO Sprint Coaches and Official Deliver Partners can create ExO Sprints in OpenExO Platform.

  • Fastrack: 16-week multi-stakeholder process helping to fastrack technology into society on a city or country level. Only Fastrack Institute can create and run Fastracks.

  • Workshop: 1-2 day interactive workshop to present and experience the foundations of the ExO Model and the ExO Sprint methodology. Only Certified ExO Trainers can create Workshops in OpenExO Platform.

  • Swarm session: 1-2 hours interactive real-time interaction between selected group of online advisors and a group of participants from a client organization or institution.

  • Advisory call: 30-60min call to address one specific topic with one selected advisor from the ExO Community.

  • Disruption session: Virtual session where initiatives are presented and a pannel of virtual disruptors give their feedback make the initiatives better.

  • Keynote presentation (Talk): In-person or virtual session on a selected topic as part of a workshop or a conference.

  • Summit: ExO Summits are hands-on events where world leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and game changers get together to share their transformative experiences, exchange ideas, challenge beliefs and dare to transform the world using the ExO Model.

  • Certification Program: Online blended-learning programmes that mix practical content with experiential assignments and reflection to deliver powerful learning and provide participants with a digital certificate upon successful completion. The Certification Programs are created, managed and run by the OpenExO Team.

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