When you create an ExO Sprint, it comes automatically populated with the content and structure for you to run a successful ExO Sprint. But there are some modules with extra functionality which will help you to improve the overall experience. Those modules are installed by default, but you can remove any of them.

Here is the list of available modules:

  • Directory: Allow people to search and see other participants and collaborators

  • Team Communication: Allow participants and collaborators to chat and share ideas and resources.

  • Evaluation: Allow participants to evaluate their knowledge week by week.

  • Feedback: Allow participants and collaborator to provide feedback about the ExO sprint performance.

There are some modules under development which will be ready soon:

  • Ask the Ecosystem: Participants will be able to ask any question to OpenExO Community. 

  • Swarm Sessions: Allow running swarm sessions inside an ExO Sprint. 

  • Advisory Calls: Teams will have some tickets available to exchange them by 1-hour advisory calls with OpenExO Community members. 

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