As we continue to grow and scale we invite all members of the ExO Community with the Foundations Certification to organize and run Awake sessions to share what an ExO is and how people can be a part of Transforming the World for a Better Future.

An Awake session is a 60 minute keynote presentation that is built to show people the reality of what exponential technologies are capable of and how the ExO Framework and the sprint methodology can be used to leverage these technologies. 

At OpenExO we want to give you the tools to go out and run an Awake session whether it is for a corporate, a community or to the public. It is up to you whether this is something that you plan to charge for or whether you want to do it as a volunteer to build up your community. 

Steps to follow  

  1. Complete the Foundations Certification

  2. Go to the Awake toolkit on the Tools Tab on the ExO Platform to download the slide deck and watch a presentation walkthrough. Should you want to present an awake session then continue to the next step.

  3. Show your interest in running an awake session by completing this form (2min)

  4. Find a time and venue for your session. Share this in a post in the Awake Session Speakers Circle

  5. Create an event using an online platform. We know that there are many that can be used and suggest which ever works best for your city/country. You can find marketing materials here, and ask that you contact us for assistance in customising it for you.

  6. Add the event to the OpenExO Website. You can easily do this by following the instructions here.

  7. Share your event and get people to RSVP. Copy in @OpenExO on all social media marketing so that we can share.

  8. Personalise the slides and prepare to give the presentation. You can add a referral code specific for you. Check out this article on how to do that.

  9. On the day of the event arrive at the venue early and make sure that everything works

  10. Give an amazing and inspiring presentation

  11. Share this feedback survey as part of the closing of the session. Participants can complete on their mobile. This helps us all improve. We will share the results with you.  Please change the xxxxx portion of the URL to your name so that we can track that the survey is from your awake session. 

We aim to assist you in presenting your awake session and therefore we ask that you post your Awake session in the Awake Session Speakers Circle and we will do our best to assist you. 

As Inspiration please listen to this recent extract of a voicenote from Salim around how we want to empower you!

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