In order to share the ExO Community and Consultant certification we provide you with a unique link in your OpenExO Profile. There are a number of ways that you can share what we are doing and bring more amazing people into the community to stransform the world for a better future!

STEP 1: Go to the Referral section on your profile tab

Once you click on Referral it will open up the referral page. On the left side you will notice that there are two referral campaigns one is to invite people to join the community and the other is to invite people to join the consultant certification. 

You can share your links in a number of different ways. You can copy these directly and send in an email to the people you want to refer.
You can use the social media sharing tools
You can create a Short URL (eg Bitly) or a QR Code and share this as part of a presentation that you give. (Here is an example Slide you can copy)

Step 3: Track your referrals 

You can see in the video below on how you can track your referrals

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