When you create an ExO Sprint, it comes automatically with the default structure for you to run a successful ExO Sprint. But we offer you the possibility to configure your teams, among other things.

An ExO Sprint comes with 4 teams by default: 2 for the Edge stream, and 2 for the Core stream:

How you can configure your teams?

  • Adding a team: If you want to create a new team, you only have to give it a name and select the stream:

  • Editing information of a team: the information of a team that you can change is the name and the stream. If you want to add or remove a team member, choose the action "Select Members"

  • Selecting members for a team: you can select users who don't have a team assigned.

  • Deleting a team: You always can delete a team and the members of that team won't be deleted. They will keep as users, but without a team assigned.

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