These are the roles involved in an ExO Sprint.

Head Coach

One per ExO Sprint. Oversees execution and provides support to individual ExO Coaches. Ensure that results are cohesive and that objectives are met. Has a good understanding of the ExO model and approach.

A Head Coach has to be a Certified ExO Coach.

Sprint Coach

One per Team. Facilitate the process by supporting individuals in understanding and successfully completing exercises and assignments.

A Sprint Coach has to be a Certified ExO Coach.

Awake Speaker 

One per ExO Sprint. Deliver a "shock and awe" talk at the Awake Session. Position is optional.

An Awake Speaker has to be a Certified ExO Consultant in order to master the ExO Model.

Align Trainer

Runs the Align Session to train the ExO Sprint participants on the ExO framework, processes, and tools that they will use during the ExO Sprint. Position is optional.

An Align Trainer has to be a Certified ExO Trainer.


Respond to particular requests for topic-specific insight and expertise in exponential technologies and ExO attributes. Should be available throughout the course of the ExO Sprint and depending on the specific needs of the team.

An Advisor has to have, at least, the ExO Foundations Certification.


Those with a strong understanding of innovation in general and about the ExO model in particular. Can provide teams with feedback about their ExO initiatives during the Disruption Session and Launch Session. Should be independent of the organization and its leadership.

A Disruptor has to have, at least, the ExO Foundations Certification.

Disruptor Speaker

A Disruptor Speaker has to have, at least, the ExO Foundations Certification.

Delivery Manager

Oversees all administrative and logistical tasks for the Sprint.

Sprint Participant

People from the organization who are going to be organized in teams which are comprised of four to six members.

Sprint Contributor

A supportive role outside of the main Sprint roles which brings experience, knowledge, contacts or other means to support a successful outcome of a Sprint.


Creates weekly feedback surveys, communicates results and captures learnings over the course of the Sprint. This is a non-client facing role.

Account Manager

Someone who owns the client and holds the relationship.

Shadow Coach

Supportive role which consists of shadowing a certified ExO Sprint Coach during a live ExO Sprint to learn about the Sprint process and being an ExO Sprint Coach.


You may want to involve leaders and middle management members of the organization who can provide feedback on the progress of the ExO Sprint.

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