At OpenExO we use to verify the validity of our certifications. Once you are certified you will receive a certificate from and if you sign up with them you will be able to simply share your certificate and add the certificate to your LinkedIn Profile. 

In order to do this either click on the link in the email that is sent to you or go to your user profile, click preview and then on the certification that you want to check, there will be a link to view certificate.

This will take you to and once you sign in you will be able to share the certificate on your LinkedIn Profile. This can be through a post or by adding the certificate to your profile.

To post your certificate simply click on the social media icon. In order to add it to your profile. click on the three dots and choose Add to LinkedIn Profile. This will bring up a window with the items that need to be added to your LinkedIn 

Click on the Open LinkedIn button and Copy and Paste all the required information across. Then Click Save

This shows up in your Licences and Certificates on LinkedIn

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