Where can I find more details about the Coach Certification?
Please refer to the ExO Sprint Coach Certification Info packet here or Spanish version here

Where can I get information about the cost and where I can apply?

You can find this here

Who should take the ExO Sprint Coach Certification?
The program is designed for consultants, innovation coaches and facilitators who want to learn about the ExO Sprint process with a view to embed it into their portfolio of offered disruptive innovation services. If you’re looking for an in-depth experience of a cutting-edge transformation and innovation process, you’ve come to the right place.

Are there requirements or prerequisites for the ExO Sprint Coach Certification?
Yes, the Consultant Certification is a required prerequisite to the Coach Certification.
We do require a sound understanding of the ExO framework and methodology as the Coach Course does not teach any of the methodology as it presumed that this knowledge has been gained previously. You must have read Exponential Organizations and understand the ExO Attributes (MTP, SCALE and IDEAS).

What services will I be able to offer as a Certified ExO Sprint Coach?
The key service you will be able to offer is the official ExO Sprint transformation program as described in the book ‘Exponential Transformation.’

How do I become a Certified ExO Sprint Coach?

Please refer to the help article here.

What will I gain from the ExO Sprint Coach certification?
You will receive the following range of benefits from the certification:

  • Detailed understanding of the ExO Sprint process as well as a hands-on experience as an ExO Sprint participant

  • Opportunity to select from a pool of additional masterclasses on various ExO-related and Sprint-related topics for further learning

  • Knowledge on how to market, sell and manage a Sprint including access to the marketing and sales materials

  • Ability to be hired as an ExO Sprint Coach inside the OpenExO Marketplace

  • Foundations of team and process coaching and a hands-on experience as an ExO Sprint Coach together with supervision and mentoring from experienced ExO Sprint Coaches

  • Virtual innovation team experience including weekly and overall peer feedback as well as feedback from the experienced ExO Sprint Coach

  • Ability to use and administer the ExO Sprint module inside the OpenExO platform to be used when running Sprints for clients

  • Official ExO Sprint Coach Certification and a shareable, unique certificate

How many hours per week can I expect to dedicate to the program?
8-12 hours/week, around 2-2,5 hours per day.

Can you share a breakdown of each week and what I should expect for workload and content each week?

Please refer to the ExO Sprint Coach Certification Info packet here.

What if I am absent during the Certification due to prior engagements? Are the calls recorded? Can I catch up if I miss a day?
Answer: We encourage you to coordinate with your team if this situation occurs. The certification process requires intense weekly teamwork, if which you are not present for may impact your training. Aside from the scheduled Monday & Friday calls, the weekly dates and times that your team meets will be decided upon by the team. The calls held on Mondays & Fridays will be recorded and the teams can also record their coordination calls as well. 

Are all participants guaranteed to be certified?
No. The certification decisions are made based on several criteria such as the perception of your peers, performance during the certification programs and observations by your mentor coach and head coach. Historically, around 10%-15% of participants do not pass the course.

Being a certified practitioner, what does it mean concretely in terms of job calls? Can only a certified coach be engaged for the Sprints?
It is correct that only those that successfully complete the certification as certified coaches can act as coaches on the sprint. A practitioner will be someone who understands the sprint methodology in more depth and will be able to participate as an advisor as with other community members.  

Can I run my own Sprints?
Answer: Yes! Upon receiving your ExO Sprint Coach certification, you are free to sell and deliver your own Sprints, either completely by yourself or with help from other experienced ExO community members (you can contract them via the marketplace). You have at your disposal the OpenExO platform and once you sell a Sprint, we will create a project inside the platform just for you and your client’s participants. We can also provide upon request pricing conditions and recommendations.

What are the time weekly commitments for Coach Certification?
Refer to the Certification info packet for an outline of all required call dates and times. Please note that the weekly scheduled calls outlined in the Info packet do not include the team calls that you and your respective teammates will need to coordinate in order to execute assignments, research, and align as a team.
How many opportunities, generally speaking, are there for coaches?
Besides participating on ExO Sprints, we are creating an online marketplace for other, non-Sprint opportunities such as out-of-Sprint advisory calls and ExO Speaker engagements. That said, we would still recommend taking an active role in building your own offering and creating ExO related opportunities rather than waiting for opportunities that will be published. Being active in this way has shown to be one of the key success factors for people in the community.
Approximately how many Sprints are run per year with the Community?
In terms of the number of sprints that are run by members of the community, this number is changing as more community members take on clients and run sprints with their own consulting companies. ExO Works, which is a partner of OpenExO plans to run 16 Sprints in 2019 to our knowledge. In terms of the payback, though there is not only the opportunity to be staffed on a sprint or to participate in advisor calls, you can take the knowledge and drive your own work. In fact, the ExO Certification programs are based around bringing a client and understanding the potential of the ExO Model and consulting with a client. 

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