Is there a document with all the information on the program?
Yes, you can find that document here or Spanish version here.

Where can I get information about the cost and where I can apply?

You can find this here

What services will I be able to offer as a Certified ExO Consultant?
These are ultimately up to you, however here are some ideas of what services you can offer and what you can name the:

  • ExO Advisor calls - you can become an ExO advisor or you can use the ExO Marketplace to call on Advisors for your own client/project

  • ExQ Survey - you will be able to have access to administer the ExQ survey for clients/companies, and then coach them on the results and how they can improve their score. This is a great lead-in for consultants to start the conversation with clients on why ExO and why they should hire you to help them increase their exponentiality.

  • ExO Design, if you analyze and provide some recommendations of how to (you can use the ExO Canvas tool that you will learn to use during the program)

  • ExO Implementation, if you analyze, provide recommendations and implement ExO attributes in the client (you can use the ExO Marketplace tool that you will learn to use during the program to get experts from our global community to the different attributes). 

What will I gain from the ExO Consultant certification?

  • Capability to sell and deliver consulting services based on the ExO model

  • A detailed introduction to the phenomena of Exponential Organizations, its high relevance today and the overall technological and economic context that gave rise to it

  • A detailed understanding of ‘Massive Transformative Purpose’ and its function as a ‘North-Star’ for any Exponential Organization

  • In-depth understanding of each of the 10 ExO Attributes including examples of how they are being implemented in reality

  • Experience of a rich learning environment with short ‘content bursts’, real-life application assignments and highly-interactive peer to peer learning

  • Introduction to how to use and administer the ExQ survey and the OpenExO Marketplace to better serve existing as well as attract new clients

How do I become a Certified ExO Consultant?
Please refer to the help article here.

What if I am absent during the Certification due to prior engagements? Are the calls recorded? Can I catch up if I miss a day?
We encourage you to coordinate with your trainer if this situation occurs. The certification process requires the weekly feedback, if which you are not present for may impact your training. The calls held on Mondays & Fridays will be recorded. 

How many hours per week can I expect to dedicate to the program?
8-12 hours/week, around 2-2,5 hours per day.

What is the learning methodology for the Certification?
The ExO Consultant certification uses a very hands on learning by doing approach. Each week there are videos to watch and assignment that are to be completed. These assignments are for a real client. You will perform consulting work for the client in order to apply the model and use the tools as part of the certification course

Do I have to have a client to complete the certification?
Technically no you do not need to have a client in order to complete the certification but you will be required to work with a third party for the hands on implementation of what you are learning. This could be done with a friend or colleague and a fictitious or real business. We highly recommend using a real client as you will benefit from adding value to them. We have had consultant candidates that have received further work from the client they took through the tasks in the certification.

What is the benefit to a client going being a part of the certification?
We've had over 200 client companies inside the programme this year alone and the main benefits are:

  • Getting an overview of some of the technological and business trends affecting their industry

  • A strategic look at their own business model in relation to adaptability, flexibility and scalability

  • Doing an ExQ survey and receiving a debrief from the consultant

  • Speaking with one of our community advisors to try out our advisory service

  • Walking away with their own 'ExO Canvas' ( with prioritised ExO attributes to focus on and a set of implementation steps. 

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