Who should take the ExO Foundations Certification?
The ExO Foundations Certification is for any ExO community member who would like to learn about the foundational concepts behind Exponential Organizations and start their official certification journey.

Are there requirements or prerequisites?
There are no formal requirements besides being part of the community, having an open mind and being passionate about creating a better future.

What services will I be able to offer with this certification?
You will not be able to offer any official services with this certification but you will be eligible to apply for ExO-related opportunities which are posted in the marketplace.

What will I learn during the ExO Foundations Certification?
You will get an overview of the key disruptive trends facing organizations and institutions today as well as the key underlying dynamics that drive them. You will peek into the future of business and society and understand why it is difficult for organizations to adapt to this rapid pace of change. You will also learn about a new breed of organizations that is uniquely positioned to succeed in this new environment and at the end, you will be guided through a simple process to draft your ‘Massive Transformative Purpose’ (MTP).

How do I complete the ExO Foundations Certification?
Please refer to the help article here.

How long will it take to complete the ExO Foundations Certification program?
The certification can be completed in just 1 day and typically takes between 2-4 hours. 

Does the certification have any assessments that are required to be completed?
Yes, the certification has 2 assessments to complete, a teaching exercise as well as a feedback questionnaire. All are required to be completed. More info is available here.

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