Only a Certified ExO Sprint Coach can create and manage ExO Sprints with official content from OpenExO Platform.

To create an ExO Sprint you should:

1. Click on your Avatar/My Projects:

2. Click on the button "NEW EXO SPRINT":

3. Fill in basic information about the project:

Congratulations! You have created an ExO Sprint. Now, let's personalize and add more information. 

IMPORTANT: once the project is created, it is a draft until you publish it. So, you can add, change and remove information as you want. We won't send notifications, invites, ... until you publish the project. And we always will ask you before sending anything to anyone. So, feel free to experiment and change anything you want or need :)

When you create an ExO Sprint in our OpenExO Platform, we are going to populate it with the most updated content, and you only have to inform:

Preview how your project looks like before publishing it

By clicking on the "PREVIEW" button you can see how the looks like while you are still adding information and configuring things:

Publish your project

Once you have everything set, you can click on the button "PUBLISH" to make the Sprint visible and accesible for all the participants and collaborators from OpenExO Platform.

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