An ExO Sprint is a 10-week process to evolve an organization by offering practical solutions and suggestions for tackling each of the challenges to transformation. 

By running an ExO Sprint, organizations will discover the right business model, which will then enable them to connect to abundance. They will also be equipped to manage the corporate immune system’s compulsion to block innovation and change, learn how to implement the right innovation-oriented methodologies and use a learn-by-doing approach to build internal capabilities within the organization.

If you want to know more about what is an ExO Sprint and how to run it, you can not miss the book Exponential Transformation. The processes outlined in this are a culmination of the authors’ experiences running innovation and transformation projects for the past 15 years, initiatives that have involved more than 200 innovation consultants providing invaluable feedback.

If you are interested in becoming a leader in the ExO Sprint transformation process in order to run ExO Sprints for your clients with the help of online tools and content, you can get the ExO Sprint Coach Certification.

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