General Certification FAQ

What types of Certification programs are offered?
Please refer to this article here

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we can spread the program payments. Please get in touch with us to arrange the details.

Do you only offer courses in English and Spanish?
Yes, starting from October 2019, some of our courses are offered in Spanish. Please indicate clearly your language preference when registering.

Can I exercise my certification in various languages or only the language I’m certified in?
Currently the programs are run in English & Spanish and those that are certified are able to apply their coaching skills in any environment or area. Most of the coaching that takes place on Sprints is very multinational.

After the certification is there in the coming months the possibility of being concretely involved in some projects and eventually how does it work the engagement or assignments?
We cannot guarantee and coaching assignments as the coaches for sprints are chosen through delivery partners by the actual clients that will be running the sprints. The opportunities are listed on the OpenExO Platform and coaches can apply for the opportunities.   

Do I need to have a certification to be in the ExO Community?
In principle, no. The OpenExO Community is open to anyone and no certifications are required to join and be a part of it. However, if you plan to participate in ExO projects, apply for opportunities in the marketplace or embed the ExO model and services in the services you offer to your clients, you will need to obtain additional certifications.

How do I add certificates to my LinkedIn Profile?
Please refer to the help article here.

Growth Institute (GGI) FAQ

What’s the difference between the GGI Master Course and the OpenExO Certifications?
Both GGI and OpenExO Certifications courses are drawing upon the Exponential Organizations model and are coached by certified ExO community trainers and coaches. However, the GGI Master Course is primarily focused on business owners while the OpenExO Certifications main focus is on consultant and coaches.

Are GGI graduates offered a discount or an accelerated program?
Yes! GGI graduates are offered an accelerated program to obtain their ExO Consultant Certification. This accelerated program is at 50% of the full ExO Consultant course.

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