The ExQ (Exponential Quotient) is a diagnostic survey initially described in Exponential Organizations and then improved through our community. It measures the flexibility and adaptability of an organization as measured by their use of an MTP and the SCALE and IDEAS attributes. 

Every ExO Community member who obtains the ExO Consultant Certification is able to create, manage and share ExQ Surveys from the menu "Tools --> ExQ Panel":

An ExQ Survey is a form with several questions around the MTP and the ExO Attributes. By filling this survey, an organization will get a score about how exponential it is.

ExQ Surveys can be used for many different purposes. Here are some examples:

  • with clients to establish a baseline for the conversation with numbers showing how ExO'like the client organization is.

  • to identify which of the Attributes can be relevant to consider in a consulting project for making the core business model more adaptable to the disruptive change happening in the industry. 

  • It can also be a way to ideate around which attributes that can be involved in experimentation if the organization is already or considering running edge initiatives (business models different from the core).

  • to measure the impact of talks and the kind of audience by creating a survey for each talk or event you assist, and looking at the number of replies and the score they got.

NOTE: Check out our articles about the ExQ to understand more about how to create and manage ExQ Surveys.

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