Circles is a place to share your knowledge, discuss with other professionals and keep up to date about ExO related topics. 

Each circle is a group of people who discuss and learn about a common topic. 

You could create a circle if you are interested in having discussions with other community members around any exponential technology, or keeping in touch with community members close to your location, having a discussion around a global challenge, or any other thing related to ExO.

Currently, the circles you create will be:

  • Public: any community member could find it and look at the conversations.

  • Open: any community member could join.

Creating a new circle is very easy:

  • Click on the button "NEW CIRCLE" you will find in the list of circles you belong to:

  • Fill in the form:

  • Click on "SAVE" button.

Now, your circle is alive and you can create your first post!

NOTE: We'll be evolving circles functionality, so your feedback and ideas are very welcome. Please, use the green icon in the bottom-right corner or send an email to to let us know them.

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