In the OpenExO Marketplace you will find many opportunities to work and collaborate in ExO Projects from others OpenExO Community members.

You will see every open opportunity in the tab "ALL OPPORTUNITIES"

Each opportunity will have a status:

  • NEW: Opportunities created less than X days ago and you didn't visit yet.

  • APPLIED: Opportunities you have applied for.

  • SELECTED: Opportunities you applied for and you have been selected.

  • REJECTED: Opportunities you applied for and you have been rejected.

You can apply for opportunities which are opened and you didn't apply for yet:

  • Click on the opportunity car to see the details and later, click on the "APPLY" button:

  • Fill in the following form to tell the requester why you are a good candidate and answer the screening questions:

  • By clicking on "APPLY" your application details will be sent to the requester and she will contact you to let you know if you are selected or rejected.


  • You can chat with the requester before and after applying for the opportunity. So, if you have any question, go to the bottom of the opportunity details page and start a conversation with the requester:

If you want to know more about how to use OpenExO Marketplace:

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