If you create an opportunity, it will be posted in OpenExO Marketplace and you can manage it. This means:

  • Change the information you posted.
  • Remove the opportunity.
  • Look at the Community members who applied for the opportunity.
  • Select or reject those applicants
  • Chat with those applicants.
  • Negotiate the conditions with each applicant.

In order to manage your opportunities, go to "Marketplace" menu and click on the tab "MANAGED BY YOU":

There you see the list of opportunities you have created and the status of each of them. In the image above:

  • the first two opportunities, which are in colours, are OPENED
  • while the third one, in grey, is CLOSED

An opportunity is CLOSED:

  • automatically, when you cover all the positions by selecting all the candidates, or when the application deadline is reached.
  • manually, when you want. Even if all the positions aren't covered.

Options to manage the opportunities:

  • Click on the three vertical dots icon access to the contextual menu options:
  • Click on each opportunity to go to the details

If you want to know more about how to use OpenExO Marketplace:

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