OpenExO Community members can create opportunities in OpenExO Marketplace. 

If you have a project and you want OpenExO community members to collaborate with you, just create an opportunity in our Marketplace to let the Community know what you need! Make sure you check out the tips below to create an opportunity that will result in meaningful engagement!

Anyone who is interested in collaborating will be able to apply and you can select the community members you want to work with.

Follow the next steps to create an opportunity in OpenExO Marketplace:

1. Click on the "Marketplace" menu to go to OpenExO Marketplace:

2. Click on the "NEW OPPORTUNITY" button:

3. Fill in the Opportunity form (follow the tips below):

4. By clicking on the "CREATE" button, the opportunity will be published directly.


  • Ensure the Title is clear and Eye-catching, on the card on the Marketplace only 53 characters will show before the ellipsis.

  • Ensure that the Description is clear and detailed. The more effort you put in the more likely you are to receive great responses. Include enough information for people to want to apply.

  • Categorizing your opportunity helps our Community members to better understand the need. Please, select the categories from the list. Start writing in the field to see the options.

  • If you need more than one person for the same role, use the field Position's Available to add the number of positions. Eg: 4 ExO Coach (Role = ExO Coach, Positions Available = 4). Avoid using large random numbers here.

  • In terms of the Project type, if you choose Other keep the type under 21 Characters for it to appear on the Opportunity card. Ensure you are clear on the project as well as the role requested.

  • Duration is an open field where you can write what you want. Eg: 10 weeks, 2 hours, 1 month, ...

  • When it comes to compensation, opportunities that are clear on compensation will have more applicants. If you have EXOS (our community token), you can combine USD or EUR with EXOS as a payment option. We find that the best option is a combination of EXOS and Fiat.

  • Screening questions are important for you to easily identify the candidates that best suit your needs. You can add up to 3 yes/no questions.

  • Remember you need to create an opportunity for each role you need. If you need 2 ExO Coaches and 1 Speaker, you should create 2 opportunities.

The next step is selecting candidates, check out these articles for more help:

If you want to know more about how to use OpenExO Marketplace:

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