To ensure that all the members of the ExO community have an understanding of the ExO Model we have developed the ExO Foundations Certification. This is the first level of the certification process through OpenExO. 

The certification is a self paced online course that consists of two sections:


This is a section of 10 videos where Jaroslav and Salim take you thorough the ExO Model and creating your personal MTP


Here you will be required to answer a quiz (75% pass mark), an assessment as well as to teach someone about what you have learnt. The reason for this teaching aspect is that through teaching you gain a much better understanding of concepts. Once you submit the certification requirements you can continue onto the next step which is to provide feedback. After you have submitted the feedback then we will assess the submissions and within a week will send you your certification decision. 

In order to complete this certification please click on the button below.

Once you click the above button you will be taken to the certification module. 

In order to find it again, once you have started you can look in the my jobs section of the platform, the certification will be there under Participant for ExO Foundations Certifications. In order to enter into the certification you need to click on VIEW PROJECT.

Getting your Certification

Once you have completed all the steps of the certification you will receive a confirmation and within one week the certification will be added to your Profile

Who should complete this certification?

All ExO community members should complete this certification. 

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