As we grow the ExO Community it is important for you to be able to stand out. This article gives you some pointers to ensure that you have a profile that stands out. Follow these simple guidelines and can ensure that your profile is memorable. Remember it is important to be you and your profile needs to show that.
The Editing your User Profile Article shows you how to do this! 

1. Have a Profile Picture 

No one wants to talk to two letters, so upload a recent photo of yourself that shows your personality

2. Share your Purpose (Personal MTP)

We are a purpose driven community and it is therefore important that you have this on your profile, this is shown on your card in the community. Take time to construct this and live by it!

3. Get Certified

The consultant and coach certifications are in groups and this is a great way to meet people and by having these complete on your profile shows that you are active.

4. Upload a Video

This is a great way to showcase yourself. We have put together an article here to guide you on how to create this easily.

5. Keep your bio short and punchy

Make it easy for people to understand what you have done and are doing! Make it interesting.

6. Share your social media

Share your LinkedIn profile on your platform so that people can see more information.

 7. Complete your ExO Attribute Skills

This is a way to showcase what you know in terms of the ExO Attributes

8. Fill in your Areas of expertise

This includes Methodologies, Industries and Exponential Technologies

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