In order to achieve our MTP to transform the world for a better future we need to ensure that the world hears about and understands the ExO Model and how it can be used to leverage the abundance that technology is creating. A major part of that is by our amazing community sharing your participation within the ExO community. 

Through the platform you can copy the link to your public profile and share this with the world through your Social media (here are the LinkedIn templates) and other channels that you wish to. Below is a step by step guide on how to do this.  

To see how you can share your certification in your email signature please take a look at the following links, the certification badges can be found here:

Foundations Certification
Consultant Certification
Sprint Coach certification
Trainer Certification
Ambassador Certification

To share your certificates on LinkedIn check out this article.

Your Public Profile

Click on your profile picture and choose User Profile

Click on the share button in the centre of the page

Click on Copy Link

You can now past the link where you want to, on Social Media, in an email or link it to a graphic. It is up to you!

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