To take on the role of an ExO Coach you have to complete the Certification ExO Sprint Coach. This certification is a 6 week training program that ensures that you understand the fundamentals of the ExO Sprint Methodology and how to coach participants on a sprint. This certification is conducted online in virtual teams. Certification programs run at least once a quarter.

In order to to apply for the certification please click on the button below.

The process that will be followed once you apply is: 

  1. Evaluation of your application and communication from the core team.

  2. Further information including dates and times for calls sent to candidates

  3. Payment to be made

  4. Allocation of candidates into teams

  5. Kickoff Calls

  6. 6-Week course

  7. Completion of the course and final assessment

Upon Successful completion you will be accredited with the ExO Sprint Coach Certification.

For more information about the ExO Sprint Coach certification see our FAQ Article by clicking here.

Who Should complete the ExO Sprint Coach Certification?

This is a certification for individuals that are interested in better understanding the ExO Sprint methodology and look to coach sprint teams. As a prerequisite to completing the coach course individuals must have ExO Foundations and ExO Consultant Certifications.

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