We have created DADA (Digital Asset Distribution Application) in order for our community to be able to distribute tokens to multiple people simply and effectively.

In order for you to receive the EXOS there are some steps that you need to follow. We have created this in Video format as well as written format. You can watch the videos and then use the step by step guide with screens in order to complete the process. 

I know this process looks long but as Diana Stafie (Ambassador and Coach) said when completing it, "the process is quite fast and smooth if you follow the instructions, don't let your immune system get in the way"

The process requires downloading the EXOS wallet to your computer and an app called YOTI to your smartphone. The EXOS wallet is a place for you to keep, receive and send your EXOS from and the YOTI app is a 3rd party verification tool. We need to comply with what is known as KYC (Know Your Customer) and the YOTI app is used to verify your identity in order to ensure that we are legitimate. 

For more information on why we chose YOTI click here.

So to download the EXOS Wallet you can go here and there are guidelines available to install the wallet on your PC. Remember that you are an early adopter and so the download will happen from GitHub and there are some technical aspects…. isn’t that so exciting! There are two different wallets the one allows you to stake your EXOS therefore powering the blockchain the other is a cloud wallet which is just a store. The cloud wallet is simpler and immediate we therefore suggest that you use this one. In the long run it makes sense for all community members to be staking as this increases the network effect but for now let’s keep it simple. Please note you need to have a computer with the following: mac OS X Sierra or later (10.12), Windows 8/8.1/10, and linux Ubuntu/Debian/Elementary/Arch (and others).

To Download the YOTI App you can do so at the App Store or Play Store. You will need to setup your YOTI account and verify your identity. Check out the how to guide for this here, although it is really simple.

Okay now that you have downloaded the tools you are ready to accept your gift. The process is as follows:

Go to dist.exos.to. This is our Digital Asset Distribution App which is referred to as DADA.

Open the YOTI App on your Phone

Click on the Scan button and scan the QR code on your computer screen. 

All you have to do is hold the camera in front of the QR code and it will scan. 

Your smartphone screen will then change and the app will ask if you want to share your details with this website, you need to click on YES, CONTINUE (Please note that the smartphone screenshots that follow are camera pictures as the YOTI App security does not allow for screenshots) The next screen asks if you are happy to share your email address with DIST-EXOS, this is the distribution wallet for the EXOS and you need to click ALLOW

This will then change your computer screen to let you know that you have an allocation of EXOS and once clicked it asks you to indicate a wallet receive address. 

Your smartphone screen will change to indicate what details have been sent and received by the YOTI App

You will find your wallet receive address in your EXOS Wallet under the receive tab, copy the address

Paste the address in the wallet field

Click Send EXOS

A popup will ask that you confirm the address

Check your wallet to see that your EXOS have been received

In this test case we sent 10 EXOS

This is the end of the gifting process. You can now use your EXOS within the Ecosystem for services. Please check out economy.openexo.com for more information or contact us on Discord for any questions.


If you see the message You do not have a token Allocation please contact the person from whom the tokens are being sent as it is likely that there is an error with the email address that has been used in the campaign manager of DADA.

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