The ambassador certification is an online training that ensures that you understand the fundamentals of the ExO Model, Sprint Methodology and the ExO Community and broader Ecosystem. Ambassadors play different roles from being evangelists to selling ExO related services. The program remains open and fluid in order to ensure that people can best represent their angle/niche within the ExO movement.

In order to apply to for the certification please complete the application by clicking on the button below.

The process that will be followed once the application is received is:

  1. Acceptance and communication from the core team.

  2. You watch the videos on the OpenExO Platform.

  3. Complete the assignments.

  4. Your submissions will be assessed and feedback given

Should your submissions be successful you will then be accredited with the Ambassador Certification.

Who Should complete the Ambassador Certification?

This is a certification for individuals that want to represent the ExO community in their region. Ambassadors promote the ExO brand, methodologies, books and related services, organize meet-ups and local events, and essentially help bring ExO to the market. Ambassadors meet once a month to share and collaborate. 


At least the Foundations certification although having completed the Consultant certification is preferred
Passion for the ExO Community and a strong MTP
Willingness to collaborate, learn and grow.

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