Step 1: Write a script for your Video. We recommend a 1-2 minute long video and therefore the script should be written accordingly. Here is a recommended format.

  1. Introduce yourself and share your MTP.

  2. Give a brief background of your expertise and experience.

  3. Explain what you look to bring to the community and what you look to gain from the community.

  4. Share your goals for the year and exciting projects you are working on.

  5. End with a call to action in terms of whether you would like people to get in touch with you and how you look to make an impact.

Example Scripts

Hi Everyone, my name is {insert name here} I am based in {insert location here}. I am excited to be a part of this community in order to share my purpose which is {insert MTP here}. I joined the Community in {insert date here} and have participated in one sprint. I am excited to be a part of this community as I believe that I can {insert value adding content here}. I look to engage with the community and would love to meet like minded people in { insert the fields here}. This year I plan to {insert goal here} and am currently working on {insert exciting project here} I am excited to work with other community members and if you have an interest in {insert interest here} or want to connect about {insert topic here} then reach out and lets drive the community value together.

Step 2: Setup your Mobile phone or Laptop Camera in a way that the video is portrait and stable.

Step 3: Make sure that you have light shining into your face so that you can be seen clearly and have a simple and neutral background (an office is perfect).

Step 4: Make sure that you are in a quiet space so that you are not distracted by noise.

Step 5: Film the video. Be natural and let your personality shine through. Do not try and be someone that you are not.

Step 6: Edit the video. This you can either do yourself using the tools below or you can use Staff on Demand. 

Step 7: Upload the video to your OpenExO profile.

Step 8: Share your profile with your network in a post on LinkedIn.

Step 9: Keep your video fresh and valid and update as required by starting at step 1.

Tools to use in order to make a professional Video yourself:

Edit your video
iMovie on your Mac or iPhone
FilmoraGo on your Android Device

Create music for your video
Background music can add a little something extra to your video and you can create music tracks using AI Music Engines or you can download music from a number of sites online. Check out this blog post with potential options

Get your video edited by Staff on Demand
If you are not comfortable with editing your own video you can shoot the footage and send it to a video editor that you can find online. You can use either of the following or other sites:

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