To complete your OpenExO profile you need to edit two menus:

  1. Profile

  2. Account settings


This is your ExO profile and how both the community and the public see your profile. 

Once you have logged into the OpenExO platform click on the icon with your initials or Profile Picture and click on USER PROFILE.

At the top you will notice that you can preview how your profile looks and you can share your public profile

On the left side you see the editable content of your profile. We suggest editing in the same order the content is shown (once you have edited any field you can save the changes by clicking on the button Save, anyway the platform will ask you to save if you move to other content) and fill out everything to have a complete profile.

  • Personal Information

Do not confuse the field Based On (which is the location) with the field Current Timezone

  • About you

  • Your Purpose

  • Desired activities

  • Core Communities

  • ExO Attribute Skills

By clicking on the ? symbol a description of each field will be shown

  • Areas of Expertise

When you start typing each field recognize the content, so you can choose which one select.

You can add as many areas of Expertise as you have knowledge with the level of them.


At the top of the User Profile you can find the button SHARE.

This one is to create a public landing page of the profile that we can share with anyone by clicking COPY LINK.


This button takes you to your profile so that you can see what it looks like for others.


Once you have logged into the OpenExO platform click on the icon with your initials and click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS (change your basic account, language settings and find all information about your contract).

In this area you can change the email address, password to access OpenExO, the Language OpenExO is displayed, the Contracting Information (optional), the Agreements (OpenExO Terms of Service and openExo Consulting Agreement) and Notifications (optional - manage what you ́d like to be notified).

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